New Woodworking Guide Carpenter Kit System inclined hole drill tools clamp base Drill Bit Pocket Hole Jig

New Woodworking Guide Carpenter Kit System Inclined Hole Drill Tools Clamp Base Drill Bit Kit System
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Item Specifics

Brand Namedoersupp
TypeSpade Drill Bit
DIY SuppliesWoodworking
UseWood Drilling

Product Description

Name: Slant-hole device

Material: Aluminum 6061
Surface treatment: anodized
Color: Blue
Black drill bushing: Diameter 9.5MM (steel jacket heat treatment)
Scale: Laser engraving (non-screen printing, prolonged use of the mark will not wear)
Suitable For:Wood Drilling
-For use with-pocket hole joinery
-Good abrasion resistance, long service life
-Chip fast, giving a wrench
-Sharp knife head, smooth without burr
How to use
1. Adjust the height of good drill,
2. clamped fight wood,
3. Drill holes into touch wood,
4. The drill bit then put up five millimeters (remember not to start against the wood drill),
5. start the drill reaches a certain speed 500-1500
6. advanced to slow down, and other fine tip drill into the half or full-forward, then feed can accelerate
Packing Included
1 x Slant-hole device
1 x 9.5mm stepped drill (with stop ring)
1 x Screwdriver
1 x Wrench
2 x Screw
4 x Accessories

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