Junsun 7 Inch 2 Din Car Radio Dvd Gps Player For Vw Volkswagen Passat Polo Golf

Junsun 7 Inch 2 Din Car Radio Dvd Gps Player For Vw Volkswagen Passat Polo Golf
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Item Specifics

Volkswagen ModelGolf
Digital Media FormatJPEG,Video CD,Mp4,WMA,DVD-R/RW,DVD-RAM,Mp3,CD
Special FeatureSupport Steering Wheel Control,Support Can-Bus,Built-In Speaker/Microphone
OSD LanguageSpanish,Portuguese,Spain's Basque,Italian,Russian,French,Chinese (Simplified),English,German
Special FeaturesMP3 Players,Radio Tuner,Bluetooth,Built-in GPS,FM Transmitter
DinDouble Din
Brand NameJunsun
Display Size7"
TF/Micro SD Slot2
Operating SystemWindows Ce
For Vehicle Brands/ModelVolkswagen
Max External Memory32G

Product Description

Two Din 7 Inch Car DVD Player For VW/Skoda/Seat With Canbus + 800MHZ CPU + 512MHZ RAM + Capacitive Touch screen + 1080P Video Play + 3G Host + GPS Navigation with Antenna + Bluetooth + IPOD/ Iphone 4,4s,5,5s Support + FM/AM + RDS + 8G TF Card + Free Map + Installing Tools + Rear view Camera Support + DVR input Support + TPMS input Support and so on.

How to make sure our 2 din car dvd fit for your car?

The size of our device is 220*208*130mm
Please check your dashboard and measure the size of your original cd player

Thanks for your attention.

1. it can use only all the information is consistent.
Must check Model, Year and Platform are concert at the same!
2.This device is not suitable for Golf 5
If your car model is Golf 5,Please do not buy this equipment

Our advantage :

7 inch 2-DIN touch screen capacitive screen, responsive, multi-touch,Color high transmittance,3D GUI User Interface easy to operate. Support CD Player. Support 1080P RMVB video play, RGB high definition image. ​Build in RDS screen brightness adjustment. For high version of VW, built-in CANBUS,Support Steering wheel setting and control. DVD playback compatible with AVI/DVD/DVD+R/DVD-R/DVD+RW/DVD-RW/VCD/MP3/CD/CD-RW/JPEG. Built-in clock, calendar display.
Audio frequency :
Driving Mode, Co-pilot mode, After the car mode. Full car model. Support Rear-view camera and front camera input. Language: Russian / English /Italian / Portuguese / Spanish / Arabic / Turkish / German / French Build in radio, FM/AM with available for any market. (Europe, Australia, South America, North America, Russia, Japan, etc.)
Built in Bluetooth for mobile hands-free :
dial, phone book, call records, Unplug the phone, Bluetooth music, Bluetooth settings​

Real Image

Free to change the product interface LOGO

At the main interface continuously press VW, Skoda, seat or signal,
the indicator is set to enter the interface, select the logo you want to change

Supports steering wheel control

For the high version of VW, a function of CANBUS protocol boxes, supports steering wheel control

Bluetooth Built-in Handsfree Phone

Dial phone book, call history, disconnect phone, Bluetooth music, Bluetooth settings

DVD player

DVD player compatible with AVI / DVD / DVD + R / DVD-R / DVD + RW / DVD-RW / VCD / MP3 / CD / CD-RW / JPEG.

1080P RMVB video palyback support

high resoulution RGB images

Free Updates

FM Switching Range

Enabled with SD card

Poyo NaCunKa locked playback /
but for under 800 * 480 and compatible with video MP4 format

Rear camera mount

When the rear view camera is connected, the screen automatically switches back and forth

Product real shot

There are two versions of product appearance with holes and no holes on the top. Please don\'t worry, both are original Junsun devices and it doesn\'t affect working and functions.


For your safe driving , the navigator and the music / radio can not work at the same time!

1.Check there is no damage on the packing you received.

2.Check there is no damage on products

3. Connect a 12-14V power supply to check whether the product works. Try to check more functions.

4. Please install in your car with correct way and use.

Installation Tips

1. Check there is no damage on the packing you received.

2. Check there is no damage on products.

3. Test functions before install into your car; use 12-14v power supply connect and check functions.

4. Check your car information carefully. If your car can\'t check from our page,it might not compatible, please don’t install it. For high allocation cars with canbus, you need to cut off the cables.

5. After installed, please check if it can turn off when your car turn off. if not, please contact us.

NOTE: To make sure it can work well with your car, please try to make a test with our installation tips strictly.

Few minutes to learn how to use the radio

Q:How to check low or high allocation cars?
A: High allocation cars:
1. by the end of 2014: cars with canbus;
2. Beginning in 2015:cars with canbus or show door information, Air conditioning information,etc.
Low allocation cars: cars without canbus.
Please cut off the red(ACC) and orange cables installing on high allocation cars. Low allocation cars don’t cut off.
There are 2 cables, please check it.

Q: the DVD can’t turn off when car turn off/ the DVD continue to consume car battery after turn off.
A: 1. For high allocation cars, please cut off the red(ACC) and orange(light) cable before install.

2. for low allocation cars, it doesn’t need to cut off and it will not meet such problem.

3. If cut off cables but can’t turn off, please check your car type from factory set, choose the VW and reboot.

4. If you try all but can’t work, please contact us and tell your car information, we will make you a solution soon.

Q: The sounds is very low even turn the volume to the largest.
A: It is a matter of speaker’s power. The speaker’s power that this product supports is 4*25W.
Please check your car speaker power. If it is larger than 4*25W, you need to connect your speaker by IC. It can’t connect directly.
Q: Other functions work well but can’t search the radio.
A: Make sure connect the radio line and please touch the PTY/AF/TA icon to search radio signal.
A shock during driving might disconnect the radio wire, please connect again, if you can’t make a radio suddenly.
Q: Can’t put the DVD.
A: The screw in the top of Radio, it is protect the DVD while transport. Please remove the screw when you install the radio.
Q: Can’t connect Bluetooth.
A: Please understand every country limited a range of Bluetooth available to use. If your Bluetooth version is not available, you can’t use it. Normally, the latest Bluetooth version can work well.
Q: Others can’t hear from me when making a call with Bluetooth.
A: Please use another cellphone to make a test. If it doesn’t work,contact us please. We will make you a solution soon.
Q: Can’t turn on the device after installing into car.
A: Please connect a 12-14V power to test the device before installing into car. This device require 12-14V Voltage to turn on. If your car power offers Voltage lower than 12V, it can’t turn on.
PS: Please understand, the car power might be damage after a long time using. It might not offer enough voltage as when it is new. We would suggest to use a new one.
Q: After turning on the device, it reboots by itself.
A: The voltage is not 12V enough. Please check weather you turn on another device of car, if you turn on a larger power device like air conditioning, the voltage is not enough to turn on this product.
Q:When the map display it, what can I do?
A: 1. Reboot the DVD, and then Re-enter the map.
2.Re-install the map. Please download the map to your sd card on our company website, insert the sd card to the radio, set the map path.
Q: It shows”BTSuile.exe” when use the device.
A: Please try to reset it. If it doesn’t work, please contact us, we will send you a new firmware to update the device.
Q: connect the rear camera correctly, but can’t see the Reversing.
A: Please cut off the reversing wire and connect to the positive wire of your car reversing wire.

Q: The DVD screen flash when connect rear camera.
A: it is a problem of current. Please use a filter board and connect it.
Q: The button light work one side but the other side doesn’t light.
A: The cable might be disconnected, please check and connect again.
Q: whats the factory set password.
A: 3368
Q: how to change the VW/Skoda/Seat Logo?
A: Long press the logo and go into the manual. Choose the logo you want to change.
Q:How can I set the canbus?
A:Click Main2 - Setup - General - Steer Key - Enter password 3368
Please refer my video:
(Scan QR Code)

And then set the car selection
Click Main2 - Setup - General - Factory set - enter password 3368 - Car selection

Q: How can i close this CANBUS function and the Seat belt reminder?
A: Please change the car selection.
Click Main2 - Setup - General - Factory set - enter password 3368 - Car selection
Note: The car information is displayed according to your car\'s configuration. Such as Car temperature, If your car does not have a thermometer, This function will not be displayed

Q: Why the Radio time not showing the local time?
A: Please set the time zone and choose your local time zone.
Click Main2 - Setup - General - GPS info

Note: You need install GPS module and the time will be activated.
Thank you for choosing our product. This is the user manual for your reference. It is easy to use, and we recommend this manual to help you fully understand the functions and features. Some features described in this document may unavailable in your map region. If you want detailed manual, please contact us to download.